A Letter To Myself At 30

Elaine Yang
3 min readMay 19, 2023


I will turn 30 next year, and the following is a letter I wrote to myself.

Looking back on your past life, what kind of experiences and commitments have brought you to the age of 30, whether your original heart is always preserved, whether your impulsiveness and naivety are always preserved, whether the labels of worldly values have been filled with a few more rounds, or who has trampled on injuries in your life and left you devastated.

If you ignore the fact that you are moving forward, you will not be able to consciously complete the version of your life that you want to complete.

When experiencing and assuming greater and more responsibility in life, one needs the ability to stabilize oneself and settle down. Stability is to be able to accept we live in a fast-changing world, without resistance, blame, or criticism. Become an observer of yourself, aware of the moment, and let all those emotions that make up your good and bad feelings become fragments of a moment, letting them be like floating clouds and waves, between the ebb and flow of the tide, you are only a distant observer, so that each event in life is just a passing, treating each dilemma as a challenge, and when it is overcome, leave quietly with it, without leaving.

To prepare a good meal, you need to study the recipe, and to deepen a skill, you need to study it over and over again and practice it in practice. By examining the wounds in your life, and after you have cleansed them, you can continue to retain the ability to return to your inner life, no matter what difficulties you encounter.

I believe that every event in life will return to its essence in a different way. If I continue to do good deeds, I will continue to have positive responses, from promoting the implementation of international volunteers in college, organizing forums, writing and sharing articles, caring about everything from world events to the insignificant lives around me, and treating everyone around me with kindness, continuing to believe in life and in the world. If you focus on your own giving, not on your own achievements, you will have a rich and fruitful life.

If you are hurt by the mistakes of others, you will understand that letting go is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

The emotional cultivation of others is entrusted to the karma, self-conscience and legal condemnation of others. Self-responsibility does not mean taking responsibility for the other person’s mistakes. Rather, it is to come back and look after the person who was hurt by the other person’s mistake, and to continue to be kind and sincere after healing.

Thank yourself for having gone through those issues, and thank yourself for being more capable and judicious, and thank yourself for taking care of yourself and giving yourself encouragement and affirmation out loud. True confidence is not an external achievement, but an internal determination.

After accepting the events of life and reconciling with the past, you can bring new energy and enthusiasm, continue to be aware, continue to think, feel every moment of the world, and feel the exchange of energy messages between your body and the universe.

At the age of 30, I want to be brave and resilient, mature and elegant.

Remind you always keep your original intention. Years may wrinkle your skin, but will never wrinkle your soul.

Thank you for reading through! I’d love to be able to continue to share stories like this . If you are interested in my story of being a volunteer (leadership teacher) and backpacker in Peru, you are welcome to visit my fanpage and kindly give as many claps as you deem fit to make this post more visible to others.

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